Massage Services

Massage - 1/2 hour - $52.00 (30 minutes)

30 minutes targets specific problem areas providing a quick fix.

Massage - 1 hour - $69.00 (60 minutes)

60 minutes provides a full body treatment or a concentrated area.

Massage - 1 1/2 hour - $98.00 (90 minutes)

90 minutes includes all the benefits of a 60 minute massage plus concentration in each muscle.

Deep Tissue Massage

½ hour - $52.00 (30 minutes)
1 hour - $69.00 (60 minutes)
1 ½ hour - $98.00 (90 minutes)

A massage therapy that focuses on deeper layers of muscles and tissue. Similar strokes are used as in classic massage therapy, but the movement is slower, the pressure is deeper, and concentrated on areas of tension and pain.

Aromatherapy - $6.00 (Added to a Massage Service)

Indulge your senses and enhance your treatment results with a personally picked essential oil. Choose from Lavender which aids in stress reduction, Peppermint to help with restlessness and anxiety, or Citrus for an overall sense of wellbeing.

Foot Treatment - $10.00 (Added to a Massage Service)

Feet are exfoliated with your choice of sugar scrub, wrapped in warm towels and then massaged, emphasizing pressure points to leave you with a feeling of complete relaxation.

Scalp Massage - $10.00 (Added to a Massage Service)

A stimulating scalp massage using a heated oil hydrates and restores shine to your hair while soothing and relaxing the scalp.

Swedish Massage

½ hour - $52.00 (30 minutes)
1 hour - $69.00 (60 minutes)
1 ½ hour - $98.00 (90 minutes)

A Swedish massage promotes relaxation, eases tension, and improves the circulation in the body. Gentle movements by the therapist help you relax while your muscle tension practically melts away.

Sports Massage

½ hour - $52.00 (30 minutes)
1 hour - $69.00 (60 minutes)
1 ½ hour - $98.00 (90 minutes)

Designed for any level athlete, a sports massage is a type of Swedish massage that stimulates blood circulation and promotes movement.

Couples Massage

1 hour - $138.00
1 ½ hour - $196.00

Ready to relieve the mounting stresses of the day? A couples massage is the perfect mini getaway for two. You'll both relax in a private room while our therapists provide a relaxing massage.

Hot Stone Massage

1 hour - $89.00
1 ½ hour - $118.00
Experience the ultimate feeling of stress and muscle tension melting away with a hot stone therapy massage.

PreNatal Massage - $69.00 (1 Hour)

A massage tailored to relax the Mommy-to-be. Reserve one of our specially designed Mother's Tables, sculptured for mothers-to-be. They allow the therapist to concentrate on relieving back stress and muscle tension. A pre-natal massage aims to relax and aide in easing sore or tense muscles. Constant body changes during pregnancy create some discomforts and a pre-natal massage can help relieve these discomforts, including low back pain.

Reflexology - $54.00 (30 Minutes)

A natural, non-invasive therapy consisting of stimulation of various reflex points in the feet that correspond to organs, glands, and other body parts.

Ultimate Massage Treatment - $135.00 (90 minutes)

The Ultimate massage is all of our favorite elements of a massage wrapped into one service. Enjoy a classic massage with hot stones, indulge your senses and enhance your treatment with the essential oils of Aromatherapy, and top it all off with a special scalp and foot treatment.